Behind The Lens

Sunglasses; not only conceal one’s identity but also the emotions behind one’s eye; for the eyes are the gateway to one’s soul. I guess she is just not ready yet.

The sunglasses that covered thine eyes,
Left thy feelings to thine infatuated lover in amidst disguise.
Behind the lens, dilation bestowed sorrow.
Thou couldn’t see the future, yet I saw them tomorrow.

Allowed his negligence destroyed thy joy,
Heartbroken dolours spoke, yet thou evoked bashful coy.
Behind the lens, they contrasted,
Pulsated his words in thine mind, the blood in thy veins surpassed.

The memories of the two of ye gone on a whim,
Streamed down the waterfall, the waves let them swim.
Behind the lens, questioned thine dire.
Yet thine auras precipitated fire.

Thou eyed his back, swayed away,
Flushed thy cheeks, prevailed the words thou never got to say.
Behind the lens, dropped thy tear,
Demonstrated the smeared glass within thy soul disappeared.


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