You Think You Know Someone

it happens to us all;
we think we know someone,
until it hits it all.

the moment they turn their back on you,
you question your self-worth,
your self-hate,
your self-guilt.

that’s when it’s supposed to hit.

an alarm waiting to go off in your head that moment.

your intuition’s caution.

your instinct’s defense.

another broken wall to be fixed,
another wall to be built.

Your Angelic Halo


i turned to see the Moon on my right,

and the Sun

on my left.

the further steps I took,
the closer things around me I noticed to your awe.

the tint on my nose, and frosty sting on my ears,

awoke me to my sense with every breath I inhaled and every mist I exhaled.

the more times the wind battled my slumber,
the further my dissociation relinquished.

both phases carried on their natural glow,
as I looked from east to west.

yet, I knew from before, both tales carry on infinitely,
even after their end.

alone in the twilight,
yet in your comfort’s embrace;
how with every stimulus I bet,
your only aura I can detect.