Wilted Strength

I will not wither away,

As the grains of the sand sweep through the bay.

My heart will say,

Don’t go, just stay.


My hands will grasp,

Onto my gentle necklace clasp.


Feeling confused,

Like I have something to lose.

But I do not know what to do,

Yet I look at the sky for your clue.


Please watch over me- continue to…




World Humanitarian Day

Humanitarian's Day.png
“On August 19, we celebrate World Humanitarian Day to honour those who carry out our mission. Each and every day, our global network of volunteers and staff works to bring lifesaving help to people in 190 countries around the world.” – Canadian Red Cross

It was World Humanitarian Day last Sunday.

Another time I remind myself for what I aim to stand for.

There’s no denying that this world isn’t a fair place.

War, abuse, poverty, and corruption. Things individuals commonly think of when swiping onto the world’s news.

That part of the news filters the light that is also going on in places- our world.

Global awareness, mindfulness, positive self/public advocation and welfare. Things that open an individual’s mind to the belief that the world can be united. Hope and truth.

You see, there’s even a day celebrated and dedicated to humanitarianism on a global scale.

I believe. Believe in the everlasting works of human welfare, global justice, and world peace.

It’s out there. I see it everyday.

It doesn’t matter about how the hours you need to make, money donated, or shelters visited. It can be as small as a smile to a stranger.

I know a humanitarian when I see one. I feel their every wish and moral intentions when it comes.

I try my best to not miss and lose one. They may be rare to come by but never impossible to find.

Invite yourself into their world, they’d be glad to share and welcome you into humanitarianism.

Always a step closer into making the world into one,

A step closer to humanity.



An aspiring humanitarian sixteen-year-old girl


Unknown Fortune

Cloud's Kaleodiscope
Cloud’s Kaleidoscope

Things that change a life,

Don’t happen miraculously,

If you believe in the unexpected.

Nonetheless, things can’t ever be expected,

In the epitome of this mundane world.


What’s frightening is that we don’t normally expect to die at any given moment.

We make plans for things we might never get to wake up to one day.

Things can happen rapidly before the human eye could ever possibly blink.

Or, it could dramatically slow down like a wound starting to coagulate.


It is a wake-up call when they die.

You don’t ever realize that you are alive until you are dying;

Then it is too late.


After they leave,

You want to keep all your life within you;








So, expect the unexpected,

Before the unexpected expects you.