The Damsel and the Rose

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I picked the petals off the wilting rose- well… I tried to.

One petal dropped, the rest no more.


The vibrant colours are in too deep,


I think to keep.


With a smell so nostalgic, it sings to me.

I can’t let go,

It’s meant to be.


Her enchanting grace blooms soft kisses to my cheek.

My head falls low,

My eyes too weak.


My fingers caress her elegant touch.

Silk so softly,

Won’t lose the clutch.


Was once an ever-blossoming beauty,

Her wilted petals,

Are her everlasting glow.


Perhaps these wilting petals are there for a reason.

To explain something ever so peculiar to tell.

Yet I ponder to my young damsel soul,

If my wilted petals will ever so glow.

Will I admire my wilting petals as much as I admire the rose’s beauty?


If I will lose my youthful tone,

Won’t it be fair to love my femininity throne?


Through time I will wrinkle.

But nonetheless, I hear her say,

That my dear wilted petals will ever so twinkle.


Her resisting pulls on the petals I want,

Tell me that I,

Can’t force an unwritten fate.


“Live your life.

The petals may fall.

Yet fascinate the time,

Your everlasting all.


No, you won’t disappear.

You, young dear child, listen to me…

My petals,

Your aches,

I suffer too, little one…slowly withering away- my time has come.


But dear, I will tell you how rich and beautiful I feel deep inside.

It’s time that you see the light you carry within inside.”


And there,

Her last,











Elastic Heart- Part I

Guardain ANgel
Guardian Angel

She saw it today.

Watching him walking away with someone she never could have imagined with.


Heart tearing,

Knees sinking,

Head spinning,

Eyes weeping.


It never struck her how hard she was falling for someone until she was near the edge of losing herself;

Effortlessly hurting herself.


Alarms go off each time the memories flash behind her eyes.


Her tears blinding her view;

Only to find that they are to comfort her into a delicate cleanse.

Washing her face, memories hit back as her godmother nurtures her torn out damsel’s heart.


Obsessive thoughts intertwine into an everlasting headache.

Lying on the cold hard ground,

Her fragile body still as it forms an earthquake,

Trembling into one last sound.


She feels hands pulling her up,

Fluttering their wings above her,

Telling her to keep her head up,

Breathe- count one, two, four.


Their angelic embrace,

Wiping away her dropping tears,

Trying to hold her in place,

Her guardian angel rescuing her from her haunting fears.


Waking up from the illusion,

A spell so strong.

Infatuation confusion,

She doesn’t need no breakup song.


She is a heroine, a fighter and magical.

She uses her superpowers that can resurrect her heart from war.


Her heart doesn’t break, nor will it ever do so.

Through it may stretch, her heart will never fall apart- it’s shell and encase is elastic.

And it will conquer all stabs, to only find, her heart to form again… into one.


She won’t ever break, dear I say.

Bruises, scars are there for a reason.

Another battle today, another time to remind herself where her feet shall stand.


She has an elastic heart.