I Feel Fragile When…

I feel fragile when you see me cry. That’s when you see the real me. This broken little girl. You don’t see the strong distant independent woman. You get to see the girl who owns the heart you broke. I am vulnerable as you see the tears fall from my eyes. I am no different than the girl you left a few months ago. That’s what also makes me feel so fragile. You don’t believe that I am stronger because you just filter my battle scars with my falling tears- just another babyface to you.

As I fall to my knees and cover my face with my trembling hands, you would have believed you won this match, but have they ever told you that those who cry are the strong ones?

You see, my friend, I allow myself to cry because I am brave. Only someone so strong can let their guard down when they know it can be so hard to do yet feel so true. I am a soul filled with bundles of emotion. The very same emotions that allow me to shine. I now see how people like you take advantage of people like me; simply because you are missing the essence of life that only exists within our, my, very heart.

You envy that part and try to steal that away from me. And when you left me, you thought I would have lost the light that made me ever so glow. But you’re wrong- the innate life I carry can never fade away.

Good always wins at the end of the day, I hope you also know that. I am fragile as you see the drops forming a puddle beneath me. However, don’t you dare mistake me for surrendering. I never sell myself to the devil- my mom, my morals, and God have taught me better than that.

Sometimes watching the vulnerability of someone can say a whole lot about yourself. I hope you feel uncomfortable-not guilty-just uncomfortable enough making it hard to swallow. So, you can learn to not hurt those who do no harm.

I feel fragile when you see me cry.

I am fragile.

But I’m also strong. Now, look at that.

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