Weird People are Awesome People

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I am weird. But you know what? The best people are. They are just beautifully weird.

I have been told by people that I am weird and it was not positive in their eyes. In fact, they are the same people who say that to other people who are odd like me.

It took me time to realize this, but those ‘people’ are actually boring. And that sort of is sad because they are missing out on a lot of fun such as exploring life and passing the world with flying colours. Yet they carry on with their mediocre lives because it just seems ‘normal’. They also carry on a routine which is redundant considering life is short and time is limited.

Nope. I won’t conform to society. Nor will I conform to the ideologies of being ‘normal’. I sort of like being this quirky, nerdy, funny, awkward, bubbly, corny, cheesy, introverted and interesting person. I am also a lover of weirdos. They make me feel welcomed. The Madhatter (Johnny Depp) is one of my favourite iconic characters.

I am weird.
It is okay to be weird.
In fact, weird is cool.