Missing Someone So Much- Causing Your Body An Illness

Missing someone provokes the physical perceptions of loss, all over the human body.

As if a moment, things feel attached, the next something is well-known cut-off. 

It causes the body a retrograde cycle of illness.




To her friend,

The friend who left the world too early.


Her heart filled aches encased in her body,

Bless made her soul ponder the state of her oblivious mind.


The motion of her feet walking through the grass of earth- place the friend was no longer there- swallowed her detached numb auras under the soles of her feet.

The waves of the stood in front of her eyes,

below the midnight blue sky.

The waves were strong,

and she drowned.


All of their moments during their lives meant something for the two,

she knew it did.


She saw the reflection of their spark in the blue eyes back in time.


Hatred came upon her missing it.

Yet the boundary between life and death, made her feel so fragile in this big world.


She wondered if they missed her too.

She was strong, however.

“I’ll go on, at least I’ll try,” she said into the night.

She’ll go on like she said,

Living the dreams that she felt the friend would have wanted her to;

As she has been coping for the past while now.

“I miss you,” and she angelically smiled to the sky, knowing the unknown through the night.







Abused- Misused

DSC_0439 (2).JPGThe vile words shouting at my ears,

The marks left on my adolescent skin.


No one will know,

the fear encompassing my soul at that moment.


For as I defended,

my body collapsed.


Tears staining the carpet,

draining my

sorrows onto the world.


Wanting to be alone,

scared to sleep alone.


Being ill is not my fault,

my environment provoked the illness upon me.


Being blamed for my illness makes it harder to keep going forward.


It is just another typical day, my dear,

of being beaten for my mistakes.


Another day of staying confused… another time being misused.


If You Were To Listen To Your Heart Today, What Would It Be Telling You?


Today, we are crushing; broken into pieces I cannot explain, 

It said to me, sitting through the streams of pain;

Running its course through my veins,

Inflows of sombre, only the angels from the Felicity skies could obtain.




Hope. (Part 1)

I believe in this thing called, “hope.”

A hope, the heavenly view, casts upon the larked sky.

I know where the clouds may wander, go shy.

Yet leave a trail of the divine through a blissful scope.




The Fortune That Had Come Upon My Day

After the betrayal of others, you learn where you have got to stand; just keep it up, my dear.


Our Time to Slip Away- From the Lady in the Mirror

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A lot has hit us, my dear. But learning how to let go, is the commitment we ought to make; for our souls need to breathe in the essence of life and breathe out the wandering fumes of sorrow that has been encased within our chests for such a long time. But learning how to let go, is just the new chapter of a fresh start that is being awakened now, my dear. 



Whispers of the Woods

My boots stumped on the muddy ground.

My ears listening to the whispers of the trees around me on a cold fall night.

Courage, grace, and serene they tell me.

Courage, grace, and serene it is, I ponder to my young damsel soul.